USA Today Best-Selling author Lauren Elliott grew up devouring the entire Nancy Drew series and then graduated to Victoria Holt, Agatha Christie, Barbara Erskine, Lynn Kurland, and Michael Crichton to name a few of her favorite authors. When it came time for post-secondary education, journalism seemed like the logical choice as she had written for as long as she could remember. Soon after graduation, while working for a small publication, she discovered that reporting wasn’t what fueled her writing passions.  As someone with an additionally strong background in professional theatre who had the love of storytelling and captivating and holding an audience, her fiction-writing career began to take centre stage.



Her Books and Writing


Lauren's imagination is boundless. All of her books, whether they explore different aspects of the paranormal with a dab of romance, fantasy or is a suspense filled cozy murder mystery. Her writing never fails to take her readers on a gripping page-turning adventure.


Marley, faithful writing companion

The look on her  face tells me she wants us to get back to work on our new book ...I guess I’d better listen to the boss

Excited to be heading into my office

But 3,000 words later …not so much. It must be time for a break   

It appears that I'm not the only one who loves the fall